• Service Cost
    Polish Change For the Hands $7
    Manicure $10.50
    French Manicure $15
    Buffing Manicure $15
    Glue Manicure $18
    Paraffin Manicure $25
    Spa Manicure $26
    Color Gel Manicure $29
  • Service Cost
    Powder Fill-Ins $30
    Tip New Set $47
    Silk Warp Nails $57
    Silk Tips or Extension $60
  • Service Cost
    Fill-Ins $40
    French Fill-Ins $50
    Tips (or Sculptured) $60
    French (or Sculptured) $70
  • Service Duration Cost
    Pedicure $22
    French Pedicure $26
    Paraffin Pedicure $28
    Buffing Pedicure $26
    Polish Change For the Feet $10
    Spa Pedicure (15 min. Massage + Callus Remover) 50 minutes $45
    Honey & Milk Spa Pedicure (20 min. Massage + Callus Remover) 50 minutes $55
  • Service Age Cost
    Manicure (under 7 years old)
    (7-12 years old)
    Pedicure (under 7 years old)
    (7-12 years old)
    Manicure + Pedicure (under 7 years old)
    (7-12 years old)
  • Swedish or Deep Tissue Body RUb Duration Cost
    30 minutes $35
    Deep Tissue Body Rub Duration Cost
    This Unique penetrating treatment gives special attention to the manipulation of
    deep tissues to relieve chronic stress and release muscle tension
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    Swedish and Deep Tissue Combination Duration Cost
    Swedish massage:
    This is a smoothing form of European massage using relaxing strokes to ease tension,
    smooth away stress and to restore & enhance the lymphatic flow.
    This massage is designed to simulate your cirulation and relieve tension through gentle
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    Chair Back Rub Duration Cost
    10 minutes $10.50
  • Service Cost
    Eyebrow $8.5
    Lip $7
    Chin $10
    Cheek $12
    Face Line $22
    Regular Bikini $13
    Brazilian Bikini (Leaving a Land Strip) $28
    Brazilian Bikini (All Removed) $35
    Buttock $13
    Underarms $11
    Full Legs $36
    Half Legs $19
    Full Arms $32
    Half Arms $18
    Full Legs and Regular Bikini $52
    Back $38
    Chest $25
    Shoulder $18
  • Base Facial Duration Cost
    An introductory facial that includes skin analysis, clean, tone, mask and face & shoulder therapy. 40 minutes $40
    Hydrating Treatment Duration Cost
    Restore your skin's natural water balance. Intensive two phase hydrating treatment will heals dehyrated skin and helps protect it from future moisture loss. 60 minutes $60
    Deep Cleansing Facial Duration Cost
    Deep layer cleansing, exfolliation, steam, facial massage remove blackhead and an individualized treatment mask chosen to suit and soothe. 60 minutes $70
    GM Algomask Duration Cost
    Works by creating a cooling effect on the skin. This treatment re-mineralizes, re-hydrates and tones the skins. 70 minutes $80
    GM Collin Organic Facial Duration Cost
    Incorporates a vital energy point massage through the application of GM Collin's Bio Oranique line over the neck,shoulder & face to ease away stress and tensions. 99% natural & certified organic ingredients are used. 60 minutes $90
    GM Collin Oxygen Facial Duration Cost
    This revolutionary oxygenating treatment is designed to clear skin congestion, controls acne & revitalized, fatigued, stressed and dull skin. 60 minutes $90
    GM Sea C Spa Duration Cost
    An anti-agin treatment originating entirely from marine and vegetal active ingredients, giving long lasting results on lines, wrinkles and a youthful skin apperance. It provides instant skin renewal by stimulating collagen and elastin, leaving your complexion smooth and bright. 70 minutes $90
    Botinol Duration Cost
    The most powerful anti-aging dermo-procedure without needles, pain, trauma or the risk ol secondary effects that includes a 70 minutes 70 minutes $110
    GM Collagen 90-11 Special Treatment Duration Cost
    A highly advanced elective Clinical Treatment formulated to hydrate, regenerate and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 80 minutes $100
    Eyelash Extensions (one by one) Duration Cost
    Eyelash Extensions (3 in 1) Duration Cost
    Eyelash Perming Duration Cost
    Eyelash Fill-ins Duration Cost
    $40 &up